Welcome to the Devil's Squad.
We are a online gaming fun clan since 2003.
Join us if fun comes first!!!!
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Welcome on Devil's Squad - Skill ist nicht alles!
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  • *=DsS=*The_Wanderer:   @ 14:14:
    Das ist Top Aktuell :-)
    Wir können ja auch auf Facebook umstellen :-)
  • *=DsS=*Ross:   @ 20:27:
    Ist halt leider ein "veraltetes" Medium. So scheiße wie es klingt
  • *=DsS=*The_Wanderer:   @ 13:54:
    Tja - auf die HP kommt ja keiner :-(
  • *=DsS=*ErAacer:   @ 19:24:
  • *=DsS=*Ross:   @ 17:56:
    tw bereust schon die whatsappgruppe? wink
  • *=DsS=*The_Wanderer:   @ 19:08:
    Dann schick mir mal deine Telefonnummer... Wir fangen gerade an zu planen (über WhatsApp)
  • *=DsS=*Ross:   @ 11:41:
    Ich bin immer dabei wenn es zeitlich passt


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Merry XMas to all members and friends....

Merry XMas and a happy new year !!

Welcome our new Fullmember

Check dates for our 2014 reunion

Happy New Year to all our Friends and Members.



  • History
10th of March 2003
Devil's Squad was foundet as a Battlefield 1942 Clan. The clan leader was:
*=DsS=*Toraz and *=DsS=*Medusa.
The clan started with the following members:

*=DsS=*Medusa Germany
*=DsS=*Toraz Germany
*=DsS=*Alphawolf Germany
*=DsS=*FighterOne Norway
*=DsS=*MaDMaN United Kingdom
*=DsS=*Murder_OnE Norway
United Kingdom *=DsS=*Pord United Kingdom
*=DsS=*Skywalker Germany
*=DsS=*Tom Netherlands

The clan tag is*=DsS=*. Hereby the * is the sign, for the fullmembers.

13th of May 2003
*=DsS=*KarlBismark Germany joined the clan

31st of November 2003
*=DsS=*Prosthetic Head USA joined the clan

20st of December 2003
*=DsS=*MKNSaber United Kingdom joined the clan
Germany *=DsS=*The_Wanderer Germany joined the clan

1st of April 2004
Sweden *=DsS=*Cobra Sweden joined the clan
*=DsS=*Feuer Switzerland joined the clan
*=DsS=*KillBill Germany joined the clan.

28th of November 2003
At the end of 2003 *=DsS=* became a Call of Duty clan with an own COD server.

10th of April 2004
In mid of 2004 *=DsS=* joined the COD league in ESL. We started with one team (Iron Devils) and soon we had 3 active teams (Iron Devils, Black Devils, Stoned Devils)

May 2004
In may 2004 *=DsS=*Toraz and *=DsS=*Medusa left the clan and *=DsS=*Bastard became the new Clanleader of *=DsS=*

June 2004
In june 2004 *=DsS=* gets the new url devilssquad.de/devils-squad.de and devilssquad.com and a new homepage based on PHPNuke.

April 2005
Germany *=DsS=*The_Wanderer  is the new Clanleader of DsS

May 2005
*=DsS=* decided to do the first *=DsS=*Reunion (Clanmeeting) near Frankfurt. 3 days of camping - extreme grilling - and fun.

14th of May
Our webpage was hacked for the first time :-(

July 2005
DsS gets his first Rootserver

October 2005
DsS becomes a COD2 clan

January 2006
DsS starts the *=DsS=*Bifrost Cup 2006, with more then 32 clans. The clan project-rs was the first clan who wins a DsS Cup.

May 2006
2nd *=DsS=* Reunion in Thulba

January 2007
DsS starts the *=DsS=*Bifrost Cup 2007. This was a FFA cup. The player with the best ratio won a razzer copperhead mouse.

May 2007
3rd *=DsS=* Reunion in Thulba

October 2007
DsS becomes a COD4 clan

4th of June 2008
4th *=DsS=* Reunion in Thulba

June 2008
DsS rejoins ESL

July 2008
DsS joins Clanbase

May 2009
DsS gets a new Clantemplate. The main colors are red and grey (the clancolors of *=DsS=*)

June 2009
5th *=DsS=* Reunion in Thulba

June 2010
6th *=DsS=* Reunion in Thulba

September 2010
DsS migrated to a new quad core root Server

November 2010
DsS gets a COD Black Ops Ranked Server

June 2011
7th *=DsS=* Reunion in Thulba

July 2012
8th *=DsS=* Reunion in Thulba

June 2013
9th *=DsS=* Reunion in Thulba

August 2013
New Rootserver for *=DsS=* with more performance

Dezember 2013
New Homepagedesign !!