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  • *=DsS=*The_Wanderer:   @ 19:56:
    Ach der Klaus... :-) Spielst du ab und zu noch?
  • *=DsS=*Koerperklaus:   @ 00:18:
    Ich lass mal nen lieben Gruss da! smiling
  • *=DsS=*ElHeLd:   @ 15:25:
  • *=DsS=*The_Wanderer:   @ 14:14:
    Das ist Top Aktuell :-)
    Wir können ja auch auf Facebook umstellen :-)
  • *=DsS=*Ross:   @ 20:27:
    Ist halt leider ein "veraltetes" Medium. So scheiße wie es klingt
  • *=DsS=*The_Wanderer:   @ 13:54:
    Tja - auf die HP kommt ja keiner :-(
  • *=DsS=*ErAacer:   @ 19:24:


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Happy New Year to all our Friends and Members.

01.09.2016, 14:08

offline *=DsS=*The_Wanderer

2036 Posts
registered: 01.03.2003

Hi all,

just playing the BF1 Beta.... I have to say.... Great game.... I will definitely go for it and will play it, when it is available.
I like the graphics and the gameplay. It reminds me so much on COD1-2, it's definitely not like these jumping around COD games, that are currently on the market - and in my view it is also a little bit more COD then the previous BF releases.

Currently you can play the open BETA for free - so take a look at it.


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