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  • *=DsS=*The_Wanderer:   @ 19:56:
    Ach der Klaus... :-) Spielst du ab und zu noch?
  • *=DsS=*Koerperklaus:   @ 00:18:
    Ich lass mal nen lieben Gruss da! smiling
  • *=DsS=*ElHeLd:   @ 15:25:
  • *=DsS=*The_Wanderer:   @ 14:14:
    Das ist Top Aktuell :-)
    Wir können ja auch auf Facebook umstellen :-)
  • *=DsS=*Ross:   @ 20:27:
    Ist halt leider ein "veraltetes" Medium. So scheiße wie es klingt
  • *=DsS=*The_Wanderer:   @ 13:54:
    Tja - auf die HP kommt ja keiner :-(
  • *=DsS=*ErAacer:   @ 19:24:


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Merry XMas to all members and friends....

Merry XMas and a happy new year !!

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Check dates for our 2014 reunion

Happy New Year to all our Friends and Members.


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2017 Reunion - June 9th !!!!!

posted by *=DsS=*The_Wanderer on 06.03.2017

Join the 2017 DsS Reunion on June 9th in Thulba!!!

In 2017 wird die Reunion am 9. Juni in Thulba (wo sonst) stattfinden.
Wir haben 4 Hütten gebucht -> Wir haben Platz für 16 Personen.

Reunion 2017

posted by *=DsS=*The_Wanderer on 28.10.2016

We started to plan the reunion 2017!!!!!
This time we try to make a real REUNION and try to come together with some realy OLD members of DsS (Vinegar, Reiss, Crazy, Phoenix, etc.).

If you are interessted, leave you phone number and we will add you the to WhatsApp-Group !!!!

Don't miss the date.

Merry XMas 2015 and a Happy new Year

posted by *=DsS=*The_Wanderer on 24.12.2015

I wish all members and friends of the Devil's Squad a merry christmans and a happy 2016.


posted by NightHawk on 25.09.2015


Today Activision announced the creation of the Call of Duty® World League, a worldwide eSports league.

The Pro Division will provide regular competition for the very best in North America, Europe, and Australia & New Zealand, while
The Challenge Division will allow amateur players a path to compete and earn their way to the world's stage.

The year will...

Black Ops 3 Multiplayer

posted by *=DsS=*The_Wanderer on 22.06.2015

It seems that BO3 will be a mixture between the old Black Ops II and Modern Warfare.
We will se, how the gameplay will be.